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Students' organizations of GTK

GTK offers a great diversity of students’ organizations, which are pleased to see the faculty’s foreigners.


HÖK – Hallgatói Önkormányzat

The students' representative council. Responsible for the monthly economists’ parties held in JATE or Retro Club, organiser of the annual Freshmen’s camp, Economist’s prom and Sports day, and is in charge of considering and allocating subsidies and financial aids.

Contact: Haskó Zsombor

MKT – Magyar Közgazdasági Társaság Ifjúsági Bizottsága

Youth committee of Hungary’s oldest economical association. Recognized for plenty of exclusive guest talks, trainings, camps, and a great community, MKT is one of the most active organization of the university. Side by side with HÖK, it can give you a hand any time with organizing events you want to make happen.

Contact: Kálmán Melitta


You probably hear from them – Aiesec is one of the biggest international students’ organizations. It’s branch office in Szeged gives you a chance to learn about foreign culture, study or work abroad, and build relationships with people all over the world.

Contact: Marosi Tibor


Our faculty’s online magazine. If you feel the talent of writing, come and share your thoughts about the university, the economy or anything related to GTK. Always glad to welcome new editors.

Contact: Farkas Tamás

Demonstrator groups

If you’re one of those students with a higher result in a course, you can apply to be a demonstrator, and become the right hand of a teacher. The two biggest demonstrator teams are the Statistics and the Accountancy ones.

Membership comes with certain tasks: supervising exams, marking testpapers, holding consultations.

Contact: ask your teacher!

Marketing Club

Famous for it’s annual trip, marketing club is the place for all the marketing enthusiasts.

Contact: sztemarketingklub@gmail.com

PSZ Team

The team of accounting enthusiasts, and the organiser of the greatest professional evenings.

Contact: Rutai Júlia

Gentlemen’s Financial Club

The elitist of the elite – run by Dr. Kovács György, financial club consists of just a few people and is the most secret and mysterious student organization of the faculty.

Contact: You don’t ask them, they will ask you!

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